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Beat 'Back to School Blues' with a Gift Card!

So, the Christmas holidays seem ever such a long way away and the summer holidays are just over. Not only are the kids back to school (bringing more traffic and the nerves of every parent packing them off with it) but your employees are also feeling the effects of the 'back to school feeling!' 

As the weather starts to go a little greyer, they need a boost to work with a renewed vigor. So, how can you help?

We think that having a stack of the Great British Pub Cards on hand to gift to your employees or to use as part of a low-cost incentive could be just what they need to lift their spirits, literally!

What is the Great British Pub Card? 
The Great British Pub Card comes in three categories:
1. Pub Gift card
2. Food gift card
3. Dining gift card

If you want to help boost morale, but you naturally can't spend too much with budgets already being set in place - then Gift Cards make sense. You can a GBPC of any amount and send it to your employees either by email, text message or post. (The digital medium is very popular at the moment because it is very convenient - after all, we're all glued to our smartphones!)  The gift card received via email or message does away with the requirement of carrying a plastic card and you can choose any gift card starting from £5 to £250 which the employees can redeem at more than 3000 pubs all over UK.

There's gifting, but then there is also another great idea - taking you employees out for a meal! It's team bonding at it's best and a surprise trip to talk shop, or NOT talk shop can be just the kick start needed to refocus the mind after a long break. You can use the GBPC for payment at most of the pubs, restaurants and inns and because cards are reloadable, you can ensure that paying for perks is all easier than ever when it comes to expenses.

Why choose the Great British Pub Card?
Pub culture is an integral part of the British life. There is no better reward that you can give to your employees other than a Great British Pub Card which they can utilize to have an enjoyable evening out with colleagues or family. Whoever receives a GBPC gift card is bound to be pleased!

Why not take a look at the current menu, or head here to pick up a Gift Card today?