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How to create a buzz at work with a gift card incentive


We wanted to take a look at how gift card incentives can work, why they work, and why A Great British Pub Card gift card is the ideal option for your workplace prize!

Using a gift card as a reward has taken off because it has various advantages when compared to other incentives. Here are some of the reasons why gift cards are ideal for employee rewards.

They have trophy value

As well as being able to be gifted in a ceremony environment or digitally – whatever works best for the recipient, items purchased through gift cards are more memorable than cash rewards because they remind the employees about their achievements for a longer time, especially when they offer an event, experience, meal or night out. Memories are always worth more than cash!


Gift cards are more discrete than cash

As we mentioned earlier, digital gifting can be ideal if your colleagues would go puce at the mention of a prize or squirm when talking cash. It’s not the ‘done thing’ to talk salary or bonus in many companies, so gift cards offer the value – with none of the cringe factor!

In the same vein, gift cards are not tokens but real gifts, in a sense that gift cards are not a part of any monetary compensation offered by an employer – despite having a static ‘value’. They can still represent a true gift because employees can redeem them for things for themselves.

How to make a gift card incentive

You can make use of gift cards as rewards or as small gifts given to employees from time to time to keep up the spirit of performance and growth, but if you are planning to start a gift card incentive program, you need to work out a strategy to get the most out of it. The end goal could be to increase the employee participation levels by boosting their morale and you can track this by performance, attitude, attendance or even asking how they feel by a survey.  Or you might want more tangible, monetary based goals which you can track from a benchmark or performance. Don’t forget, it’s not all about rewarding superstars! You can set up a tier-based incentive program so that every group feels motivated and is rewarded according to its performance level.

It is also important to fix a budget for the program. Rewards and incentives don’t have to be very costly and something simple is often the best. That’s why so many businesses choose The Great British Pub Card gift cards! These are a great option and come in the range of £5 to £250- with something for everyone, you choose your amount and place a bulk order for the cards in one go. Because a Great British Pub Card Gift Card allows the lucky recipient to dine at Greene King pubs and restaurants all over the UK, if they want a family meal or a private chat about business, there’s somewhere to suit all tastes and locations.

Why not take a look at the current menu, or head here to pick up a Gift Card today? Want to discuss it further? Talk to our expert! Contact Business Development Director Amy Morson via email at