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Have you forgotten these key people at Christmas

Don’t forget these heroes of your business!

  1. The Cleaner

Every day they pick up your coffee stained cup, fish sandwich crumbs out of your keyboard and tidy up around you, hopefully with a smile! Don’t forget to treat your cleaner to a gift Card, A Great British Pub Card fits perfectly with their after-office hours – in fact, why not take them out with you and the team? (Just be prepared to get a rude awakening about what they really think of the mess you leave!)


  1. The postman

You probably don’t think much about your postman or delivery drivers who make collections at your business unless something goes wrong, but day in, day out, they will arrive and help keep your business moving. Why not give them a very special, gold envelope when they come to collect the post bag?


  1. Your freelancers

There’s a growing gig economy so your business no doubt relies on freelancers who help you to undertake design work, who look after your finances, PR, or video production. Maybe you only use them once a year - now is the time to give them a big thank you for a job well done with a Great British Pub Card.


  1. The unsung hero at work

Usually lurking in admin or support, there’s that colleague that most people turn to. Perhaps they excel at Microsoft Excel, can turn a messy document into something quite beautiful or have a real skill for answering any question about your product or service. Imagine their delight to be given a Great British Pub Card, just for being recognised as someone who is really important to the business. The benefits of this simple act could help them stay with your fear years longer than they may otherwise have done.


  1. Your advocates

Ask your sales team how they get business and ask who refers them. There’s always a certain person who is ‘there’ for your company. They write glowing testimonials, case studies and share and like everything you do on social media. For whatever reason, they think you are brilliant! Don’t let them be forgotten or treated to the same eCard as everyone else. A surprise Great British Pub Card could be a very powerful tool to helping you encourage continued advocacy and referrals from them and is also a very nice thing to do. Ask today!


A Great British Pub card, redeemable in 1,700 pubs across the UK, is the perfect gift for everyone who makes your business better! It’s time to get stocked up, so speak to us about the card here, or click here to take a look in more depth at the features and benefits. You can order your card today – what are you waiting for?